Female Circumcision Essay

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A diverse array of traditional, religious, and cultural customs is practiced cross-culturally throughout the world. Female circumcision, also known as Female genital mutilation, or female genital cutting is a custom that has sparked controversy among many people belonging to other cultures not accustomed to the practice. They have presented the question of whether female circumcision is a practice that should be advocated or even allowed at all. My view is that the notion of basic human rights and gender equality strongly oppose this procedure and even though it may be accepted in many cultures, it should be prevented, especially due to the high health risks it poses for females who undergo this circumcision. Its imposition on children …show more content…
Since female circumcision is so geographically spread out it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where it started. It is thought to have arisen autonomously among different cultures. The practice of infibulation has been traced back to 2nd c. B.C. in Ancient Egypt and is believed to have originated there. This is because they have found mummies of ancient Egyptian women that were infibulated. Female circumcision was also practiced in Europe and the U.S. from around 1890 to the late 1930’s. In the West it was thought to be a cure for female masturbation, insanity, epilepsy, hysteria, depression, and control female sexuality (nymphomania). Female circumcision diminished in the West after the supposed dangers of masturbation were found to be false. female genital mutilation has been practiced in over 20 countries in Africa, some countries on the Arab peninsula, and a few communities in Asia for nearly 2500 years. It has a huge geographical and racial distribution, which is currently spreading, especially due to ethnic migration. In L.A. Briggs article, a questionnaire is conducted and includes 100 males and 95 females from this specific Ekpeye community in Nigeria. It includes people from a broad range of ages, socio-economic class, and education. According to the results, 84% of men and 64.2% women support female genital mutilation (46). Reading through 6 different scholarly articles, I found that
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