Female Circumsion

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A women’s devotion has to be earned with faith and love, but not with barbaric ceremonials. It is time that the old ways of suffering be left behind.

There are innumerable cultural practices which usually create resentment between people who are generally against such practices. Women from around world are subjected to cultural practices that are deemed ‘heinous’ and ‘unjust’. The most shared problem is that which such practice creates a situation where lives of people are put at risk. An eminent practice which is taken into attention is female genital mutilation. This writing shall discuss clashes between human rights and cultural relativism with my personal stance about these two ethical dilemmas.

Female genital mutilation is
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Every individual in the world is born naturally then taking nature into our control is simply inhumane. Female circumcision is heinous, meaning that it is a monstrous practice since it gives immense physical pain and leaves both physical and emotional scars on a woman. Each person has the right to make their choice about their possessions, in this case it is their own body. It is unfair and unjust to perform a cultural act which is medically harmful to women even more worse if it is performed without their own will. I strongly debate that stern decrees be imposed to stop such practices in countries that still follow this outrageous act. I claim this view is because there are many damaging results associated with female genital mutilation. It harms women in ways that one cannot even imagine. Healthy and normal genital tissue is damaged hindering the natural function of female bodies. Other effects are severe soreness, shock, extreme bleeding, difficulty in urine passing out and other serious injuries (UNICEF, 2006). Thus performing this heinous act shows the vice characteristics people possess who follow this custom.

To sum up, female genital mutilation is a debatable subject which is practiced by several cultures violating human rights. There is a massive argument mainly on the human rights side against cultural relativism. Cultural relativism demonstrates that such practices are
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