Female Defendants

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Female Defendants definitely receive more lenient sentences than male defendants. There has been a proven gender bias in formal processing which has been known as the chivalry hypothesis. This hypothesis reinforces inequality and has made a reluctance to criminalize women. Women are less likely to be investigated for serious delinquency and women receive chivalrous treatment from male officers during traffic stops as well. In the pre-trial stage, research indicates women either receive no charges or charge reductions. Women are even seen as better candidates for probation, which can limit their sentencing time. Due to the fact that men commit more crimes then women, women are viewed as better recidivism risks and more deserving of leniency than men (Demuth & Doerner, 2014, pg. 2). Another concern is the social factor when sentencing. More often then not, women are the caregivers, and may be a single parent. This may make the court more…show more content…
Women viewed as "feminine" by the court were sent to reformatories, while women viewed as "masculine" were subject to penal institutions alongside male prisoners. To be exact, the odds of incarceration for female defendants were approximately 42% lower than the odds of incarceration for male defendants (Demuth & Doerner, 2014, pg.4). Another study even found that female defendants were sentenced less harshly than male defendants, and on average 14% less likely to be incarcerated and received prison sentences about 7 months shorter (Demuth & Doerner, 2014, pg.4). These statistics prove that female defendants are viewed differently in our court system and thereby receive more lenient sentences. This can be due to the fact that women are looked at as feminine, caregiving creatures, while men are supposed to be the dominant "manly"
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