Female Discrimination in the Mass Media

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Mass media is one the most proficient ways to advertise new or improved products. Catchy jingles, bold font, and abstract pictures are amongst the various ways to grasp the audience’s attention. These characteristics grab the attention of individuals and persuade them to buy whatever it is a company is selling. The key factor is the product may not even be physically seen within the advertisement. For instance, a commercial will not show the actual product until the very end when the company suggests that their product is the product for you. So how would a person know that this merchandise that is being advertised is really something they need? What grabs their attention? A key factor to selling merchandise that companies insist…show more content…
With these two attributes contributing to the look of the women, in the end result she looks like a blow up doll! As stated before, the placement of the “hot”, “juicy” and “meaty” sandwich is right at the opening of the woman’s mouth, suggesting that this is the “proper” way to eat the meal, and give oral sex for that matter. When looking at this advertisement, the sandwich isn’t even that catchy portion, the slogan is. Nearly everyone in today’s society knows what a “blow job” is, and Burger King completely takes this phrase and goes overboard. If the picture of the sandwich is replaced with a penis, it will look like the woman is actually give oral sex to a “7 incher”, and enjoying it! Women should find this absurd behavior from Burger King, and not want to purchase anything from the company. Even though the text and slogans in the advertisement are clearly describing that appearance and taste of the sandwich, the “catchy wording” definitely pertains to sexual content. Unfavorably, women really do not have a choice when it comes to the purchase of many products. A lot of companies have a very unique or niche product that they sell, and women have no other route to go when it comes to making a purchase. In this case, women have other alternatives within the fast-food industry, yet they still support the likes of Burger King. Does this mean that women accept the embarrassment placed in the media? In a way, women do accept it because it is
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