Female Empowerment in the Color Purple

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In The Color Purple, Alice Walker illustrates the lives of a female African American before the Civil Rights Movement. A novel that describes female empowerment, The Color Purple demonstrates the domestic violence women faced in the South. Walker tells the story through Celie, a young African American girl who faces constant hardships until she stands up for herself with the help of her closest friends – other women undergoing the same difficulties. Even though men controlled females in the South, the author emphasizes the strength of female empowerment because females struggled to survive during this time. Told through a series of letters to God, Celie shares her story. Impregnated twice by her father, Celie’s children are taken away…show more content…
Told repeatedly that she is ugly and stupid, she hardly knows better" (Cheung 165). Cheung understands Celie to believe lies told to her face about herself, causing her to have no voice in her own life. New in Mr. ___________’s house, Celie is constantly beaten for not doing exactly everything that her husband demands of her. In a letter to God, Celie recalls, “Harpo ast his daddy why he beat me. Mr. ___________ say, Cause she my wife. Plus, she stubborn. All women good for- he don’t finish. He just tuck his chin over the paper like he do. Remind me of Pa” (22). Celie lives in a house where getting beaten is the normal thing, she does everything that is asked of her and more, and it is still not enough for Mr. ___________. Also, Celie mentions that it reminds her of her “Pa”, which means that she faced this type of torture for her entire life. Walker highlights the fact that Celie needs someone else to survive, her undeserving husband will not be enough to make Celie want to survive and go on. Walker inserts Sofia, the character that every female wishes to be more like. Sofia represents the unthinkable in The Color Purple. In this time, no women could imagine standing up to their husband, but Sofia knows no other way. Sofia symbolizes everything Celie aspires to be, but just needs the courage to stand up and be that person. In another letter to God, Celie says, “Harpo want to know what to do to make Sofia mind. He sit out on the porch with Mr.
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