Female Full Time Workers Made Only 79 Cents For Every Dollar

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“In 2014, female full-time workers made only 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 21 percent. Women, on average, earn less than men in virtually every single occupation for which there is sufficient earnings data for both men and women to calculate an earnings ratio” (IWPR). Since the beginning, women have experienced discrimination whether in the workplace of in general, and unfortunately, it continues on today. Women have always had to fight for equal rights, to vote, to work, to be accepted in the workplace, etc., simple rights that should have been given from the start. Being a woman in our society has definitely contributed to the already immense struggle and unfortunately it’s even worse if one is a woman of…show more content…
In many occupations, even if women do obtain the requirements and more of what is expected of a certain job title, and a man does not, the man gets chosen over the woman. Unfortunately, this is currently happening within my workplace. Even though many women have the exact requirements and more to get promoted, because there are very little men in my workplace, they have always gotten the promotion over the women, while having less of what is required by them. Although they are not getting compensated with more money, they are given the opportunity for more responsibility and more work hours which gives them time to accumulate that extra money. When questioned about this particular issue, the requirements not being met, it is just said that it is being “taken care of.” It just makes one wonder, if we aren’t able to advance now, in regular jobs, are we going to be able to excel in our future careers? “A 2012 AAUW report, Graduating to a Pay Gap: The Earnings of Women and Men One Year after College Graduation, found that the pay gap exists one year out of college — and gets worse over the course of a woman’s career. The study controlled for factors known to affect earnings, such as education, parenthood, and hours worked, and found that women earn 7 percent less than men earn just one year out of college, even when they have the same major and occupation”
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