Female Genital Cutting Controversy

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Female genital cutting (FGC) has always been a topic of controversy. In the Western world this practice is seen as a cruel and inhumane act that takes away women right and the ability to make their own choices. However, what is seen as deviant practice in the West, it is in fact a distinct and important part of many cultures. For societies where female genital cutting is practiced, women find themselves pressured to comply with these norms as it gives them a sense of acceptance into a society as well as becoming marriageable. In Western society, even thou most people are against ritualized female genital cutting, it does not appear to be abnormal to practice surrounding female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS), which is also in fact a form of…show more content…
In the west female sexual pleasure is highly valued therefore removing the clitoris is seen as removing their femininity, enjoyment and freedom (McDougall 2015). Genital cosmetic surgery is done to enhance the aesthetics of female genitals and although there is no scientific evidence some professionals market this procedure to help to increase sexual pleasure (Braun 2009, p.233). On the other hand in non-western societies the purity of a woman, which is portrayed through virginity, is highly valued, therefore removal of the clitoris and closing the genitals is seen as protecting this purity. The sexual pleasure of women is not as important in non-western cultures, since their view is that the main duty of a women is to reproduce and therefore fertility is more valued (Boddy 2007, p.65). Studies show that some women who are circumcised still feel sexual pleasure to the point of finishing, while in the west where women are not circumcised not all have the ability to finish (Boddy 2007,…show more content…
In the modern world people rely on organizations and systems for prosperity, insurance, etc. In most of African societies like the Hofriyat, kinship still plays a major role in being social security, health care and so on relying on the relationship with relatives and friends. Marriage became perceived as an important factor since it forms the basic source of personal identity and economic advantages (Boddy 2007, p.61). Collective interest between individuals is pursued through marriages arranged by the parents while subordinating the sexuality of young women and men to comply with the interest of the social group according to the elders (Boddy 2007, 62). In Hofriyat society, sexual absence is a matter of family honors. Failure to comply with this norm can lead to the family losing honor and the risk of jeopardizing the chances of getting married, which will affect its economic statues, political leverage and continuity of family line (Boddy 2007, 62). Looking at this aspect it is not surprising that honor is mostly assigned in relations to young women. Men are also restricted to some behaviors, however women lives are more cautiously patrolled (Boddy 2007, 62). This does not mean that women are powerless, as an act of force is too considerate shameful, subordinates must desire to act properly. Women misbehavior is an
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