Female Genital Mutilation: A Gross Violation of Human Rights

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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has often been viewed as a rite of passage for women in various countries within Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia. However, due to societal norms and pressures, whether it based in culture or religion, forces women to partake in a practice that has serious health risks and takes away the rights of women who believe they have no other choice. The Universal Declaration of Human rights are applicable to all member states including most of the countries that still practice FGM. However, despite claiming that the human rights set forth would be observed as obligated in terms of their memberships, FGM violates numerous rights and freedoms that claim to be recognized but, are not known to the people. …show more content…
There are various types of FGM measured by the severity of the procedure. One type is the clitoridectomy, in which the clitoris is removed in part or whole. There is a more extreme type of FGM known as infibulation, the removal of the female genitalia in its entirety, it results in the sewing of the clitoris, leaving a slit in which women are given limited physical ability to excrete fluids and increases danger during childbirth for both the mother and the child in question. The latter example of FGM has been known to have severe side effects that can result in difficulty in childbirth, bleeding, trauma, infection and at length, death.
In the documentary, “Half the Sky” many of the issues that arise during childbirth in countries like Ethiopia and Somaliland stem from the poor economy and minimal access to healthcare facilities for women. Economic issues are not issues that can be prevented on a more individual basis however; the issues that stem from childbirth, that are directly impacted by the tradition of female genital mutilation can be prevented. Edna Adan, founder of Edna Adan Maternity Hospital in Somaliland, works to help women survive childbirth, teach future midwives, as well as, fight to inform women against the practices of FGM (10:45-11:45) In Somaliland where the practice of FGM is done to girls during the age of ‘adolescence’ which is considered to

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