Female Genital Mutilation ( Fgm ) Essay

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Female genital mutilation (FGM) is commonly referred to as female circumcision. The process of FGM involves altering the clitoris, sometimes removing it partially or entirely. FGM is a social construction practiced by a myriad of countries, although no construction is absolutely universal for every culture. For my multicultural paper am going to discuss in detail, the historical orientation of FGM. Additionally I will compare and contrast the practices of FGM versus the western version of male circumcision through a religious lens. Moreover, within my multicultural paper I will cover the legal aspect of FGM by utilizing two philosophical theories the first; the Universalist theory and the Second, on the other side of the debate, The Cultural relativist approach. To begin, historically, the first mention of male and female circumcision appears in the writings of greek geographer Strabo, in his 17th- volume ; “One of the customs most zealously observed among the Egyptians is this, that they rear every child that is born, and circumcise the males, and excise the females”. The next mention was from a Greek papyrus dated 163 B.C. which covered an operation performed on girls in Memphis, Egypt, at the age when they received their dowries (marriage)”.Some theorist believe that FGM originated as a form of initiation used against young women to control their sexuality. Alternatively, there is an abundance of evidence of male circumcision in Old Kingdom Egypt, but there is none
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