Female Genital Mutilation: Long Term Psychological Effects

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Female Genital Mutilation: Long Term Psychological Effects The Psychology Department The Final Paper Dr. F. Cramer Presented By: Tim Abbas ID # 92-1356 Female Genital Mutilation, or Female Circumcision as sometimes called, is the partial or complete removal of the female clitoris immediately after birth, few years after birth (early childhood), or several years after birth (adolescence). Originally, female genital mutilation was practiced to ensure female virginity until marriage; as it was discovered that by the partial or complete removal of the clitoris, a female's sexual urge is minimized and, therefore, a girl could have more control over her sexual desires. Because virginity was and remains a very crucial factor in almost every…show more content…
However, Muslims try to justify continuing the habit by relating it to "Sunnah"; That is, following the steps and customs of the Prophet " Mohammed". It is argued that The Sunnah version of circumcision (where the foreskin protecting the clitoris is removed) is the recommended one by the Prophet. It is supposedly confirmed that "Mohammed said: "Circumcision is a sunnah for the men and a makrumah for the women."(Abu-Salih, 6). The term makruma is far from clear but we can translate it into an honorable deed. So, both Sunnies and Shiites follow this tradition as the latter say that Imam Al- Sadiq also stated that it is a makruma, and is there anything better than a makrumah?(Abu-Salih, 6). On the other hand, attackers argue that the practice is not a religious one in any way. It was never mentioned in the Quran or the Bible; moreover, it is not an act of God, "God does not mutilate."(Abu-Salih, 7). Says Doctor Nawal El-Saadawi: "If religion comes from God, how can it order man to cut off an organ created by him as long as that organ is not deformed? God does not create the organs of the body haphazardly without a plan. It is not possible that He should have created the clitoris in a woman's body only in order that it be cut off at an early stage in life."(Abu-Salih, 7). Nowadays, circumcision is under a huge debate to whether accept it or ban it. In Western countries Female Genital Mutilation

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