Female Heroes In Hollywood

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The debate of the quantity of female heroes in Hollywood continues to rage on. The idea that the number should be somewhat equal to men has been discussed for years, but with the upcoming award season, more and more people are looking at the selection of programs. Viewers are asking if things have really changed. Are there enough female heroes in Hollywood?

Not just superheroes. Or women who made a difference. A combo of all female heroes

Exactly what type of individual does Hollywood need to find? Female heroes come from every walk of life. They are next door neighbors, aunts and even the lady down the street who smiles. They are women who contribute to our everyday success and make the world what it is today.

Putting these types of individuals into stories is tricky. It must be engaging and enlightening. Unless completely fiction, it must draw an audience that will sustain an interest. Frankly, that’s not always possible.

The biggest question about female heroes is who might play these individuals. While the pool of talented women is increasing, most female actresses have taken on more than one role doing very well (or not so much) leaving people deaf to their performances.
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Without people in the seats, it will be impossible to actually embrace female heroes. If (and when) it comes together, there will be no more debating, but this award season won’t offer up the needs to fulfill this burden. It will take time. And it will take perseverance. Yet, it will happen. Some extraordinarily strong woman will find a way to break through this barrier and showcase female heroes in Hollywood with extraordinarily strong box office results. And then others will follow
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