Female Lankan Domestic Workers : Sacrifice Without Consent

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Female Sri Lankan Domestic Workers: Sacrifice without consent

What would you do if the only thing that you could control in your life was… well… nothing? How would you feel when you are forcefully taken away from your family, your children, your country, only to be sent to do "dirty work" in someone else 's country? How would you feel if your own country is behind all this, just for the economic benefits it will bring the country? Would you be willing to sacrifice yourself for your country? Actually, scratch that question. You wouldn 't have a choice to begin with anyways. According to Dr. Ray Jureidini, an Australian Sociologist who has been researching and publishing in the field of migration, xenophobia, and migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, Egypt and the Middle East, there are two sides of this story that are essential in analyzing the reasons behind these actions. One side brings light unto the problem of a degrading form of slavery. The other brings light unto the benefits that individuals, families, and the country can receive through the financial support afforded by the incomes remitted from these workers (Jureidini 582). Throughout this paper, we will take a more serious view on this issue by looking at how female Sri Lankan domestic workers in Lebanon are often mistreated, exploited, and receive unfair treatment by their employers through restriction and denial of their basic human rights. At this point, they can only be seen as "contract slaves" (Jureidini
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