Female Leadership And Strategic Management

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Proposed area of research: Female leadership and Strategic Management - Private primary schools in morocco. Indicative title of the research: Women as head of the Moroccan private education business: When it takes a woman to educate but a man to manage Aim and Focus of the study: The aim of this research is to combine Sociologic and Organisational management to examine the profitability of some strategic management decision making in the private primary education sector in morocco. In other words, the research will be exploring the sector from its micro and macro- environmental aspects, the way it works and generates profit, but from a humanitarian point of entry. The research will focus on the private primary education sector in Morocco -…show more content…
As an indicative note, there is to date no material Arabic - written on Business, Marketing and other business - related subject in the Arabic speaking country. Business related studies are still very young, uncharted. Material on or about the country is only found in dated, too often very approximate findings that do not take into account the socio-cultural environment that is seen as the most avant-gardists in the region. The woman is beneficiating from a great margin of freedom in every aspect with a westernised business approach. The recent global events related to the outburst of fundamentalist religious streams acted like a hidden break to the female position in the managerial roles in certain ways, but also challenged the society to keep into its advancement and quest for modernism. The enormous research gap that exists in this field in particular gives place to the possibility of studying the fact from unexplored angles. While the lack of research in this area works at first as a real handicap, it also opens the door to a multitude of approaches and a stronger built up study, where the researcher will have the opportunity to dig freely beneath the surface. The multiculturalism, multilingualism and the constant movement that the country is witnessing in its business environment make every prospect
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