Female Male And Female Language Essay

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When you think about male and female language in this generation it delves down to power. Males tend to use more assertive language and women the opposite of that, which means more so soft-spoken language. Women being known to back down when the male seems uninterested in the conversation. Maltz and Borker in the chapter ‘A Cultural Approach to Male-Female Miscommunication,’ did a study on this topic and stated that when men reply in a way that is minimal or interrupt women, the woman tends to back down and become silent. On the opposing end, women tend to use the same gestures that men do in a positive light. Women use minimal responses positively, they won’t come off as rude or as they are not listening like males. They use reassuring language, males “mhmm’s” are not positive and light, unlike that of women’s are. Males seem to come off in a way that makes them seem like they are not listening to what the female is saying. Therefore, a simple “Mhmm” in a male’s perspective is rude, because they really are not listening in most cases (488). In this paper, I will explore the differences between male and female language. The powerless and the powerful. How men and women talk to one another and use certain language styles that indicate a specific gender. Without listening to the audio, you will see how men and women speak to one another and how the setting of that changes and alters as the conversation progresses in the transcriptions.
Not only are conversational tendencies
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