Female Misogyny : Female Masculinity

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Female misogyny in the workplace is the phenomenon of intra-gender misogyny amongst women. These negative relationships within the female gender have been found to exist empirically and anecdotally between women on the same level, directed upwards within and organization and directed downwards from management to junior levels or potential employees (Mavin, 2006a; Sheppard & Aquino, 2014; Ely, 1994).

Female misogyny research is often focused on relationships between women in corporate management. (Mavin, 2006a). Women who attempt to balance both being female and being a manager can end up experiencing misogyny from both men and women.

There are various theories about the processes underlying female
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Previous research into women in management is based on “assumptions of sisterhood and solidarity behaviour” (Mavin, 2006a).

Mavin’s research into female misogyny pinpoints an expectation from others that women display solidarity within their gender- there is a reluctance not to expect these solidarity behaviours from women as to do so is viewed as to verge on anti-feminism (Mavin, Williams & Grandy). Mavin, 2006a, suggests that the focus needs to move from this demand, to a shift in the gendered structures within which women work. Research on female intra-relations and evaluations within the workplace has failed to find consistent evidence for female workplace solidarity, regardless of various levels (negativity can go upward, downward or within the same level) (Mavin, Grandy & Williams). This common expectation, for which there is abundant anecdotal evidence, fails to come to fruition and can encourage female misogynistic behaviour (Mavin, Williams & Grandy,).


Male and female behaviour is found to be different despite similar motivations in some cases- for example, both genders are seen to be competitive, but men compete openly, but are mutually supportive, with strong homosociability whereas competition between women is not as candid, which is found to create distance between women (Mavin, Grandy & Williams).

Traits such as
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