Female Participation in the Board Room

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The assignment cover about introduces more women into board room, and purposed an action plan for organization in order to encourage women to brake through the glass ceiling. By using the findings and recommendations of Lord Davies report, argument the action about how introduce more women into boardroom. This will guide organization, how to bring women into company boardroom and the women will get opportunity to participation in board room.

Main body
Affirmative action by company to bring more women into boardroom
Recommendation one, set out the percentage .According to lord Davies report, companies should set out the percentage to introduce more women into boardroom , to achieve higher figure in 2015 FTSE 100 board should introduce minimum 25% female representations . by this minimum they are able to achieve more percentage. Malaysia government announced 30% women need to be in boardroom the deadline was 2016 it was announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to burusa Malaysia set the percentages to public listed company .Form this percentages , women can be recruit more that 25% in coming 5 years Recommendation two, Imposed quota systems. Imposed quota is effective to introduce more women into boardroom, Malaysia has imposed 30% quota for bumiputra newly appointments member, the government of Malaysia issued strong recommendation to corporate and public sectors to appoint 30% of more women at the decision making levels at 2004. ,…
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