Female Prisoners With Mental Health Issues

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Multiple sources confirm that the population of female prisoners is rapidly increasing in the United States. The population now far exceeds one million prisoners (Bloom & Covington, 2008) (Lewis, 2000). It is pertinent to recognize the group of female offenders with mental illness; they are a group that is seldom considered when pondering societal groups relating to communication. Through substantial research, several issues that ail this community have been distinguished and can be connected to communication, as this work will reveal. Some of these issues include the reality of self-harm, histories of sexual and physical abuse, and aggressive behavior. Through the review of literature related to female prisoners with mental health issues, several journal articles highlight some of the same above issues but also contain subtle differences in their arguments and shed light on different viewpoints.
In Catherine F. Lewis’ “Successfully Treating Aggression in Mentally Ill Prison Inmates,” the topic of medicating inmates appeared profusely. For many of the conditions or scenarios related to an illness the solution was to properly identify the inmate’s illness and medicate the individual with a medication that caused minimal side effects. Lewis discussed the need to provide proper interviews, diagnosis, and interaction with care providing clinicians to ensure the needs of inmates are met (Lewis, 2000). This component of individualized treatment, aside from heavily medicating…
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