Female Protagonists of Detective Narratives

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This essay will focus on female protagonists who are the center and driving force behind a detective narrative. I will compare and contrast Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs and Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to explore two women that are progressive in breaking through traditional gender roles and are successful at portraying a female that goes against the grain. These women portray unique and progressive ideas about sexuality. Clarice and Lisbeth are two empowered females that are successful as detectives. Usually, a female in the center of detective film is misguided or taken advantage of because of the lack over control over their emotions. However, Clarice and Lisabeth are two examples of women that embrace their femininity in order to get closer to the killer. This paper will examine Clarice and Lisabeth from a post-feminist perspective to prove that these detectives are progressive in their roles. Mulvey suggests that women are passive objects on screen that are meant to be enjoyed and looked at at by the active male. Clarice and Slander can be seen as objects when critiquing it with just Mulveys theory, however when looked at from a post-feminist view it is clear that these women are intelligent in their roles as detectives, and they use their sexuality to help them excel in their careers. Secondly, Gates suggests that females as the center in a detective film become masculinized and if they do not end up in marriage or with love,
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