Female Red Panda

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Female red panda pounds is up to 6-10 pounds. Another name for a red panda is firefox and they got that name from Chinese. Female panda ate approximately 20,000 bamboo leaves in a single day. Red panda body length is in the tail. 40 years before giant panda were scientifically describe in 1869. 8 to 10 in the wild life and up to 15 in the zoo. Number of young at birth 1 to 4, usually 2. Age of maturity 18 to 20 months

‘’Habit of the red panda the red panda is found inhabiting the temperate forests in Himalayas between 1,800 and 4,000 meters’’.Historical range extended through Bhutan, Nepal, India, etc. The red Panda live in the cool temperate. They share the range with the giant panda in the range. They are a carnivorous and a group of mammals.
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A red panda is covered with soft reddish fur. The panda range is from 20 to 25 in. However, the average weight for a red panda is six to twelve pounds. Red panda is used to navigate at night. Fur at the sole of their feet which is to grip branches and to keep their feet warm. Although, they like to get cozy up and however they like to get
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