Female Rep Hockey Players Within Cobourg

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Part 1: Description of the social work created by female rep hockey players within Cobourg, Ontario. Cobourg is a small town with about 18,520 people; this town is known for hockey between both men and female leagues. In this small, suburban town, hockey is a shared interest among the teenage age group and some of these teenagers are a part of the female rep hockey league. This social group often treat each other like they are a big family, almost like they are each other support system. This social group causes social solidarity within this town, making the group distinct from others. A Social group is formed when individuals come together and express the same interest, which forms a bond between the group. The social group contributes to different diversities joining the group which leads to life long friends. From my experience, being a member of a social group contributed to the discovery of my self identity and individuality. During lunch breaks within high school, you would see many of the individuals from each others teams bonding and sitting with each other in the cafeteria. These girls did not just hang out with only each other, they also had other friends from other social groups. They knew each other particularly just through their hockey team, so you would often see them waving, smiling, laughing, and chatting with each other throughout the hallways, classes, outside during lunches and inside the cafeteria. Every class in the three high schools of Cobourg usually

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