Female Representation Of Women During Star Wars

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A very short time ago, in a world very well known, the famous Star Wars movies were brought to creation. George Lucas originally exposed the original Star Wars in 1977, and it has continued to up to present day. The ideas Lucas created through these movies helped evolve other films. One of the things that the prior Star Wars didn’t evolve though was female representation in movies. The representation of women in past Star Wars films compared to the most recent Star Wars film has substantially evolved in the characterization of females. Through watching all Star Wars films, I can personally say that there was a dramatic change in how females were perceived in past Star Wars films compared to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Princess Leia was
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These types of clothing consisted of avoidable tears in shirts and other clothing to show off her toned mid-drift. Females are taken considerably more serious in the more current Star Wars film. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a female character was portrayed as one of the stormtroopers’ captains. Captain Phasma, however, was not portrayed like most female characters in past films. Instead of being depicted as a sexual and dependent character, her script and costume conveyed otherwise. Captain Phasma wore an outfit similar to an average stormtrooper of any gender that did not sexualize her character. As well as this, the script used for her character showed little correlation to the stereotypical female presentation in prior films. It consisted of her characters’ script corresponding to how a stormtrooper captain would behave. She was not there to please the audience, or act sexy, but instead to play a part in the movie. Another representation of this is the female character, Rey. This character was given the opportunity to develop into who she was, not for the purpose of a man. Rey is one of the most prominent characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Her character spends no time developing for a man but instead trying to do what is right. Her characters’ attire, similar to Captain Phasma, is not based to please the audience, but instead based on the particular situation she was in. As well as these characters, there was Maz
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