Female Roles Of Female Characters In Hindi Cinema

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“Women have mainly played decorative objects in Hindi cinema for a long time. Or, even in films where they had important roles, they are more victims and martyrs or victimizers of other women” – Dr. Shoma Chatterjee (Award winning author, film scholar and journalist, India). Even though Hindi cinema focused more on Male protagonist centrality but during the 1950’s and 60’s Hindi cinema produced films which highlighted Female characters as orphans, wanderers and even Warriors at times. Despite the fact that those films were not women-centric, they still portrayed women as strong characters having the qualities which were supposed to be associated with the male characters for example: Struggling against society for justice, freedom &…show more content…
Leela here was shown as an orphan who had no idea about what her son was up to while her son Raj Kapoor was shown as a wanderer and martyr both. Towards the end of the movie where Raj shows his anger and holds justice Ragunath responsible for murdering his mother, Leela once again stops Raj from attacking Justice Ragunath by saying that no He is your father, once again female character was used to reassure the male dominance in the scene. The Bhabi of Justice Ragunath played the negative character who actually convinced Ragunath to kick his wife out of the house. Her character too showcased the criteria of women being given roles just to complement the male character by playing his sister, mother, wife etc.
Nargis on the other hand portrayed different characteristics as compared to Leela’s character. Nargis was shown as someone who took a stand and fought against the dominant male figure to seek justice for Leela (orphan) and Raj (Wanderer). The opening shot of Nargis in the film showed her as a strong character and the fact that she was willing to fight a case against Justice Ragunath already predicted how strong her character will be further in the film. From the start till the very end Nargis’ was shown as someone who follows her heart and does what she feels is right knowing that it might create problems for her. However in some parts even her character reassured the male dominance in the film,

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