Female Roles Of Female Mobile Dj Essay

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Female what? That’s right, DJs. Women are beginning to blossom in an industry highly saturated and associated with men, proving they can rise to the occasion. Female mobile DJ’s, why aren 't there more? I Chose this question because I myself have been wanting to start DJ’ing for a while now and when people think of DJ’s I assume they only think of males. This question is a hot topic and also very interesting to me because I will be soon DJ’ing and would like to know why men dominate this field. As I started conducting research on this question I started to find answers for my question right away. I also looked up “gender diversity” which means “how different genders are represented in a relevant setting.” Though I am not a DJ yet it seems as if female DJ’s have felt like it 's close to an impossible task in front of them. That despite pumping out great mixes and working as hard as you can, the recognition from booking agents and promoters and the subsequent gigs and success remain elusive. Why? Why do female DJ’s get the short end? Why do many female artists fail to break the top 10 lists of any kind? Or why can’t some female DJ’s build brands that help them to achieve huge DJ’ing success? As I stumble across potential answers for my question the only thing that comes to mind is that females don 't think they are good enough because of what society says. And not just in DJ’ing but, beyond in many other fields. Women consistently underestimate their own talents and
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