Female Selective Abortion And Infanticide

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There is a crisis in Asia, a problem centuries old and still happening. This problem is missing girls, but not in a traditional sense. These girls either never make it into the world or live horrible short lives before dying at the hands of their parents. This problem is female selective abortion and infanticide. This problem has taken roots in the two largest countries on earth population wise, India and China. Many solutions to the problem have been posed over the years and a few of them might work. India is one of the worst countries to live in as a woman. It is one of the strongest male dominated societies. They rely on the patriarchy to support their way of life and rural women internalize their roles from birth and fear having a daughter. There are many causes of infanticide in India, the three main causes are social, economic, and historical. The social causes range from family pressure for a male offspring to the stigma against females in general. It is seen in all of the castes and in urban as well as rural regions. On average female children are neglected more than their male counterparts. For example 71% of female toddlers are malnourished compared to 28% of males. Also males go to the hospital twice as often as females (“Female Infanticide in India and China). A male infant will be taken to the hospital for even just a cough, whereas a female will be left untreated with diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis for the reason that women are expendable in…
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