Female Serial Killers

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FEMALE SERIAL KILLERS Rudyard Kipling once said that the female of the species is far more deadly than the male. Female serial killers more than prove that theory, yet they have always been something of an anomaly in criminology and a puzzle for law enforcement. These are the 'quiet killers', every bit as lethal as their male counterparts, but we are seldom aware of one in our midst because of their low visibility. Most female crime is hidden. Kelleher & Kelleher (1998) argue that female serial killers are more successful, careful, precise, methodical, and quiet in committing their crimes. They examined 100 cases since 1900 and found an average duration of 8 years before being caught -- double that of the male serial killer.…show more content…
Throughout history the majority of female killers have murdered out of greed, passion, or self defense. True female serial killers are rare. Aileen Wuornos (known also as Lee) was born on the 29th of February 1956. Her natural mother, only 17 at the time, gave her to her grandparents to rise. Both grandparents were alcoholics, and especially her grandfather was abusive towards her. The family was poor and Aileen often resorted to prostitution in her early teen years, to get enough food to eat at school, and later alcohol and cigarettes. By the time she was 14 she was pregnant. It was immediately put up for adoption. After this Aileen dropped out of school and embarked on a lifestyle of prostitution and petty theft to support a growing drug and alcohol problem. Eventually Aileen married at the age of twenty-one to sixty-nine year old Lewis Fell. The marriage was short lived and failed, due to Aileen's drunken and violent nature. Her lifestyle after the divorce was to take an even further downhill spiral; she was incarcerated for armed robbery for a year. Other arrests followed for fraud and motor vehicle
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