Female Serial Killers

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Not many people know that women can murder others, let alone, be serial murderers. What has been perceived generally in our societies is that women are the creation of God who sacrifice for others and care selflessly. It is the males who are seen as the abusers, the ones who murder, kill others for their selfish motives. That is true but not completely. The majority of people who abuse, or kill are males. However, women are also seen as doing these acts so anonymous to their “feminism”. Women also murder, and surprisingly, “they can be even more dangerous than males” (Deborah, 2000). My research paper will prove that women can be murderers and some can be really brutal.

WHAT IS SERIAL MURDER? Serial murder has been defined as
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There is a benefit of choosing such a profession that places them in situations where they are in contact with helpless individuals. Due to their vulnerability it becomes easier to poison the victim as the sick or infirm cannot resist. Plus, when a sick victim dies and there are no overt signs of struggle, it is easy for police to mistake the crime for a natural death. Over 50% are either very young or very old (Deborah, 2000).
What is the purpose behind the murders?
Women kill largely for instrumental reasons such as monetary gain rather than affective reasons such as achieving motional satisfaction. Absent is the presence of sexual fantasy as a motivating factor (Richard N.Kocsis, 2007). A survey of known serial killers worldwide reveals that 41% of homicidal women kill for profit or greed. Female serial killers who victimize their own children and other relatives sometimes have a much stranger motive than profit. According to psychiatrists, some of them become addicted to the sympathetic attention they receive after the death of their loved ones (Micheal & John, 2008).
Black widows
The nickname of such killers, of course, comes from the black widow spider, which kills its partner after mating. Human black widows are essentially the same. They usually start killing after the age of twenty-five, and for a decade or longer they
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