Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

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Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Donna Lindley BEH/225 March 3, 2013 Christina Lakeman There are many different disorders that a person can have and one common disorder is female sexual arousal disorder. This is the second most common sexual dysfunction in women. ("Female Sexual Arousal Disorder", 2013). There are many women who suffer from the dysfunction. Sexual arousal in women can be broken into three categories, genital arousal disorder, subjective arousal disorder, and combined arousal disorder. When a woman has a hard time getting aroused it can cause many problems in her relationship if it is not addressed properly. Some symptoms of the arousal disorder in women are the inability to become sexually excited, can’t reach…show more content…
With all of the different options that are made available for women to treat their disorder of not being able to get aroused, have an orgasm, or to stay wet during intercourse there should be very few women who still cannot have sex due to the disorder. In my opinion when a woman can’t get sexually aroused they should try all the at home remedies before resorting to medical treatment. If a simple lifestyle change of eating and exercising more frequently or using a lubricant can save a person from going through taking medication and going to other therapy sessions why not try it. If these options do not work by all means seek professional help for the issue. References http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/female-sexual-dysfunction/DS00701/DSECTION=treatments-and-drugs
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