Female Stereotypes In The Media Essay

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Female Stereotypes In The Media

In the media the most common female stereotypes, are the housewife and the blonde bimbo.

The Housewife. Chained to the kitchen sink, always cleaning and cooking. An old stereotype.

In the advertisement for Shake `n Vac a woman is doing the vacuuming and dancing around shaking Shake `n' Vac on the floor. This is a stereotype for the reason that a man is nowhere to be found. But in advertisements for intelligent matters like finance, it's always a man.

At first, when I saw the advertisement for Mc Cain's chips, I thought the woman in it wasn't stereotypical, as she was not cooking the meal, the man was. But after a while I saw that this was just for
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For instance, I saw an advertisement in which a woman was showing some people round her house. She shows them the rooms and then she says, ôAnd here's my garage,ö and you see this room with white ceilings, white wallpaper, cupboards and lights and a car. This was meant to be humorous showing that this woman went to the extreme of even tiding up her garage.

The Blonde Bimbo. Long or fluffy hair, revealing clothes. Sometimes dumb, not able to use machines, dependant on her man, not able to do anything, can't control her emotions over men.

When I watched the TV to find some examples of stereotypes, the first thing I saw was a trailer for a documentary about David Bailey. Included were lots of female models. They were all skinny, they had really thick make-up on and lots of them were blonde. The dialogue included ôThe photographer slept with 300 womenö and one of his models saying, ôYeah I'll get my tits out for him.ö The trailer was representing all of the models as sluts.

Changing the channel to Challenge TV some more stereotypes of women appeared. The females on the show were the presenter of the game show, Donna Air, who had long curly blonde hair, and a shirt with half the buttons not done up showing off her bra, and a contestant who also had blonde hair, had big boobs, and was wearing a low cut top and was referred to by the other host as ôSexy ZoÙ!ö This
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