Female Victims Of Domestic Violence Against Women

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The health of any individual, whether male or female, should not be overlooked in any circumstance. More specifically, one of the most underrated, controversial health situation for men is domestic violence against men. Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, occurs between people in an intimate relationship. Despite the common belief that domestic violence only involves a physical altercation, it takes on many different forms including threats of abuse, emotional and sexual too. Typically, society perceives this type of conduct to be primarily committed against women. However, statistics will show that more than 1 in 4 men in the United States (28.5%) has experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking
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Society says that notably men are physically stronger than women, and, therefore, should be able to prevent any kind of female violence. Statistics show that violent IPV by women tend to use objects during IPV at a higher rate than violent men. Another reason men are often reluctant to report victimization is due to the expected hard judgment for "allowing" themselves to be abused by a woman and to be viewed shamefully by others, resulting one to question his masculinity. There are instances where even if a male has been abuse by a woman, the perspective is usually misconstrued to validate the female abuser’s actions as self-defense . This tends to focus on female victims of domestic violence and ignore males as victims of domestic violence is a problem. The media has a hand in this they focus only on female victims of domestic violence and all too often fails to mention male victims. Almost every article in the newspaper and every program on television about domestic violence focuses on female victims. Most organizations promote the idea that females are the overwhelming majority of victims of…show more content…
(2) Men are the physically dominant gender and should be able to defend themselves by restraining the physically weaker women or leave premises on their own will. (3) The type of domestic violence a man gets from a women isn’t life threatening or psychological, it’s consider humorous and of no consequences. (4) Men have the socioeconomic means to leave their partners and not as invested into children compared to women. Hines, D. A., & Douglas, E. M. (2009b)
The current study will survey the public to gather opinions about domestic violence against men. Additionally, the view of Calvert County residents towards the media’s role in public perceptions of Domestic violence will also be analyzed. In order to obtain such information, the researcher will conduct random telephone calls and administer a survey to Calvert County residents. The present study will serve as an important addition to current literature on this
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