Female Writers Have Made A Great Impact On Literature Throughout History

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Female writers have made a great impact on literature throughout history. Whether it be in poetry, short story, or novels female writers have introduced new forms of writing throughout the ages. Many female writers never received recognition while they were still living, instead the recognition they deserved mostly came after death. Many female writers had hard lives that lead them to becoming the writers that they were. Most suffered some type of hardship be it a poor childhood, death, or heartache, they all had their own back stories. Two of the greatest female writers in history were Jane Austen and Emily Brontë. Although they are both well-known female writers, their personal histories influenced there themes and modes of writing very differently. Born into a large family on December 16, 1775 in Hampshire, England, Jane Austen was the seventh child of eight. Her family was very close and affectionate toward each other. Although Jane never married, she had a diverse social circle due to her many friends and family. The Austen’s frequently went to theatrical performances and often read novels when at the time reading novels was a questionable activity. Jane never had any type of formal education she was an avid reader which is perhaps what led her to become a novelist. Starting at the age of 13, Jane was already writing parodies and other variations on 18th century literature. By the time she had turned twenty-three Jane had already written three novels. In 1805, Jane’s
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