Female Writers : Mean Girls ( Tina Fey ) And Clueless ( Amy Heckerling ) Essay

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Young girls watch these movies and expect that high school should be a particular way. Unless you have a full figured woman’s body like Regina George’s, then you will not be “the in girl”. Although each of these films glamorize the lives of the popular girls in school, they have clear moral values on how being catty will ultimately have you end up ruining your reputation.

Two of the six movies addressed have female writers, Mean girls (Tina Fey) and Clueless (Amy Heckerling). All six of these movies are directed by men. This is troubling because while there are women who could have input on how the story will be told, the plots and characters of young females are ultimately developed by grown men who have never lived though the teen years of a girl victimized by the cruelty of high school

The writer of Easy A, Bert V. Royal and director, Will Gluck challenged the issues of virginity, slut shaming, gossiping amongst peers, school girls to preserve their reputation. Emma Stone plays the main character, Olive. The premise of Olive’s social experiment with ruining her reputation to promote the reputations of others is a result from reading the book, The Scarlet Letter in class. When addressing the issues concerning a young woman’s virginity, it could be clearly defined in the 1985 film The Breakfast Club "It 's kind of a double-edged sword, isn 't it? If you say you haven 't, you 're a prude. If you say you have, you 're a slut. It 's a trap.". It’s interesting to see how

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