Females, Like Males, Are Capable Of Being Airborne Rangers?

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Females Should Have the Right to Be Airborne Rangers
Females, like males, are capable of being Airborne Rangers. A current example of this is the recent success of two females who were able to pass the daunting task of Ranger School on August 21, 2015. Sadly, there are still restrictions that limit the type of professions that women are allowed to be in the United States Military. These females proved that not only are various females competent but also are capable of doing just as worthy of a job if not superior to their male counterparts. Yet, after graduating Ranger school these two decorated female soldiers were still not allowed to go into the Ranger Regiment as stated in a CNN article. “Unlike the male graduates, the two women can 't apply to join the 75th Ranger Regiment, an elite special operations force” (Yan, Starr, and Scott). Why this is the case if these two females were able to pass the same tests that males be required to take to become Rangers? Society as a whole still has a stereotypical view of females that can be dated back to the beginning of time—when G-d created Adam and Eve. The intrinsic reasons why women are still denied to join their Ranger brothers in arms are outdated ideologies—the Army, like much of society, views women as more delicate and less intelligent than the males who have passed the same Ranger training program.
For starters, society chooses to believe that ALL females should not be allowed to be Airborne Rangers since some people,…
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