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females tend to be victimized the most when it comes to home break-ins in Rock Hill, and we have seen that for several years. Our suspects like to kick in doors as the most often used method of entry but sometimes front doors are just accidently left unlocked. Age range for suspects of burglaries is wide, but the department does see more juveniles committing this type of crime than other crimes. Black males were most often identified as suspects. In 2016, the peak months were December with 31 but we saw some increases between May and July which accounted for 29% of all residential burglaries for the year. The Triangle, South Central, Catawba Terrace, Sunset Park and East Town neighborhoods had the highest number of this crime in 2016.…show more content…
Thefts from vehicle were up 22.1% compared to 2001-2015 median and saw the highest amount since 2002. Vehicle break-ins were noticeable throughout the city, but crime sprees of multiple vehicle break-ins in neighborhoods and hotel parking lots near the interstate continued to be a problem. The most concerning to the department were the number of guns being stolen with at least 59 reported. The department also saw thefts of purses/wallets at gym and park locations due to the victims sometimes leaving these items in their vehicle while exercising. These thefts led to identity theft, credit card fraud, and forged checks. Vehicles most often broken into in Rock Hill were the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford trucks (F-150, 250- particularly popular for gun thefts) and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Unlocked vehicles are an issue and the department continues to try and work with neighborhoods, businesses and apartment complexes on reminders to lock vehicles and to bring valuables inside at night. White males were most often victimized and black males were most often the suspect. Age of suspects vary, from juveniles to individuals in their 40’s. Vehicle break-in’s rose throughout the year with November/December accounting for 24.6% of the entire year’s incidents. Highest neighborhoods in 2016 were Bristol Park, Triangle, South Central, Stonewall, Davidson Woods and East Town.
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