Femicide: A Cause for Global Economic Concern?

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Femicide: A Cause for Global Economic Concern?
The definition of femicide is the killing of women and girls because of their gender; it may include methods of torture, mutilation, cruelty and sexual violence. Due to deep cultural traditions and premonitions, many nations- particularly third world countries- are facing a future where the sighting of a female in the community will be a rarity. In the past femicide has been closely associated with the ongoing gender based foeticide in India and China; however, fairly recently it has been realised that it is not an issue solely restricted to India and China rather a global issue with current instances being reported in regions of Europe, Central and South America. As a result of the brutal nature of many of the killings and the extensive research done by Non Governmental Organisations “Violence against women has come out from under the rug and society now sees it as a reality and not something that people have invented.” After decades of silence it has finally been brought to the attention of the world that the cultural objectification of women during both the past and the present has consequently led female genocide [femicide], previously thought to be an issue solely restricted to the nations of India and China, to spread its roots into the cultures of countries such as Mexico and Italy and, as a result of this, cause drastic changes in the social and consequently the economic growth of the affected countries.
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