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Femicide is defined as the act of killing a female simply because she is female. Acts of femicide includes “honor killings,” “dowry deaths,” genital mutilation, rape in war and victimization o female refugees. The treatment of women prisoners and detained immigrant women are also related to the issue of femicide. Essentially, femicide is a form of gender-based violence (Stuart van Wormer & Bartollas, 2011). It is considered to be an extreme form of gender-based violence that may include torture, mutilation, cruelty and sexual violence. The violence often culminated to murder. This violence is linked to gender concepts like inequality, discrimination and disempowerment (Femicide, 2008). It is also viewed as “a form of terrorism that…show more content…
The prevalence of femicide is due to a number of factors like the presence of cultural violence, impunity, poverty and discrimination (Causes and risk factors, 2008). Partner violence plays a major role in the number of women killed or rather murdered (Stuart van Wormer & Bartollas, 2011). Femicide is said to be “more likely to occur in countries where there is a culture of violence; for example, after a civil war or an armed conflict, or where everyday acts of violence are accepted as normal” (Causes and risk factors, 2008, para. 2). In Guatemala there was a 36-year internal conflict that caused the disappearance, torture, rape, murder and widowhood of women. This is violence that continues to this day. Another example is how the violent practices against women by the Taliban regime were inherited in Afghanistan. According to Amnesty International, women continued to suffer and be brutally murdered via stoning, rape and strangulation. This cycle of violence and discrimination is said to derive from the failings of bringing violators of human rights to justice. Impunity is also facilitated by the underreporting of crimes involving femicide. Little to no faith in authorities adds to the fact that such crimes go unreported. All too often, the authorities are unwilling to prosecute the killings of women (Causes and risk factors, 2008). The next main question is a very big one: What countries practice femicide? The counter
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