Femini Constellation Research Paper

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My favorite constellation by far is the Gemini constellation. The Gemini constellation is my favorite because my star sign is Gemini. And it is fairly easy to spot in the night sky, although the best viewing month is in February.

Stars Castor, Pollux, Alhena, Wasat, Clown Nebula, Tejat Posterior, M35, NGC 2372 all make up this constellation. Although not all of these star names are featured in the Gemini Greek myth, Castor and Pollux are. The myth goes like this: Gemini, the constellation of course, represents two twins. Castor and Pollux, although they do not have the same father. Pollux's father is Zeus, also known as Jupiter in Roman mythology, who made their mother pregnant as a swan. And Caster's father, King Tyndarus of Sparta who is Lena's husband. Therefore, Pollux is immortal and Caster is not. Lena also had another child with Kind Tyndarus, Helen, also known as Helen of Troy. Continuing on with the story, Pollux, being immortal, was famous for his incredible strength and Castor was famed for his skill will horses. Other accomplishments include, both of them traveling as argonauts to find the Golden Fleece. As well as fighting in the Trojan war to help bring their sister, Helen home to her
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George might have been considered a nomad to those who didn't know him. He always rid around on his horse with a cloth bag with his lunch and dinner and a blanket to spend the night. For she didn't like sleeping in his home because it was filled with bad spirits. One day, George was packing his bag and left the home on his horse for the day, when his horse was spooked by a animal sprinting across the road. His horse squealed and kicked George off of their back and he rolled off the road into the grasses on the side of the path. A young lad, Jeremy was watching from the grasses in the exact spot George rolled
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