Feminine Traits Alone Aren 't Enough Make A Feminist Role Model

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Feminine traits alone aren’t enough make you a feminist role model either. This idea is made clear by author Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight Saga. Throughout the books, Bella Swan is a 17 year old girl who is moving in with her father, out of town. She soon meets the Cullen family, realizes they are vampires, and eventually becomes devoted to one of the males, Edward. During the course of the series, Bella is overly emotional about a variety of things, most of the time she is considered to be overreacting. It is clear that Bella needs help with almost everything she does, she even comes off as the damsel in distress in most of the series. While these characteristics are considered feminine, it still doesn’t make Bella a true…show more content…
Bella responds with “’Mostly I dream about being with you forever’” (Meyers, Twilight 498). She says this to try to tell Edward that she is willing to risk anything, even her own life to be with him. Bella won’t listen to Edward despite him trying to convince her she is overreacting.
Ever since the beginning of Bella and Edward’s relationship the two are almost inseparable, which is why when he decides to end their relationship and leave in the second book, Bella becomes insane. She stares outside for hours on end, and refuses to go anywhere or hang out with her friends. Bella’s dad confronts her about her behavior saying, “‘you’re just… lifeless Bella’” (Meyers, New Moon 95). Clearly, she is overreacting, however she is truly fitting the role of a basic “clingy girlfriend”. While emotion is considered a female trait, a lot of people believe that all females overreact to everything, which is exactly what Bella is doing by the way she reacts when Edward breaks up with her. Bella is not good feminist role model because of her overreactions.
In addition to her overreactions, Bella is also excessively vulnerable. It seems as though Bella can’t do anything without needing help from someone. For example, in the first book, she can’t seem to move herself out of the way of an oncoming car, in fact, Edward who is quite a distance away has to rush over to save her. Bella is standing next to her truck when she notices a car coming at her, “I was able to absorb in
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