Femininity, Masculinity, And Masculinity

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Womanhood is often associated with femininity while manhood with masculinity. Masculinity is the idea that men are tough both physically and mentally. Femininity, a term associated with being women is used to describe a women’s comportment and attitude. A gentle individual male or female, who wears dresses, skirts, high heels, makeup, and has long hair would be identified as feminine. Unfortunately, society judges and criticizes a women who do not depict feminine characteristics. Such women are regarded as either homosexual or queer. I chose two pictures of Grace Jones to compare in this essay since she happens to be a gender bender and victim of alike persecutions. Additionally, Grace Jones is a supermodel and singer from Jamaica, who’s renowned for cross-dressing and artistic fashion styles (Williams). The picture titled, “Grace Jones/Nightclubbing,”was derived from the National Portrait Gallery,while the other from, “Essense” website, Jones demonstrates that women can be feminine or soft in one picture and masculine or hard in the other picture through her appearance.
Despite being women, Jones 's clothes appear manly in one picture and womanly in the other. Jones is wearing an Armani pitch-black jacket suit accompanied by a cigarette in her mouth in the first picture. Seeing how half of her head is shaved clean, the top part cut short and flat, it would be perceived as deviance, for men are expected to look in this manner. She stands upright, strong, which are
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