Feminism : A Controversial Aspect Of Feminism

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Feminism is Fashionable The conversation about feminism today is often followed with an eye-roll, uncomfortable sigh, and quick subject change. Feminism isn’t an issue people want to debate about because of the radical views of some feminists, but this doesn’t mean we can’t recognize it. A controversial aspect of feminism that is rooted in its history is fashion. Women have always had implied standards when it came to how they looked and presented themselves. When it comes to fashion and feminism there are many different conflicting opinions surrounding the topic. Some believe that we increase gender inequality with high fashion and the unrealistic expectations that come with it. Others believe that we can use fashion to set ourselves aside from men and become more empowered women. In an industry dominated by women, designers have the power to make a change concerning feminism. They can make feminism fashionable. Designers have the power to create a style. They have the power to create a movement within their designs. So why not make feminism fashionable. Though this idea is nothing new, for decades designers have been designing for women to feel good in what they’re wearing. What’s the big issue in attempting to make women feel as if they could work harder and look good doing it in a certain outfit or piece of clothing. The point of this is to “rebrand” everyone’s thoughts about feminism (Fury). When most women think of being a feminist they think of burning
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