Feminism : A Feminist Perspective

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Throughout history, women have fought for equality in areas such as politics, religion, careers and many more. Specifically, women fight to be treated with respect and equality in criminal justice and law enforcement careers. Criminology in particular is one of the most male centered fields of study in social sciences. As a female who plans to one day hold a career in this field, this issue is very personal to me. In 1960, Canada and Britain began interest in the argument that women are ignored in criminology. After this, the second wave of feminism interest came mid-twentieth century. This wave led to renewed interest in female offenders. Feminism is a set of theories and strategies to make gender the central focus in social change. This will help in attempts to understand relationships, institutions and processes. To broadly summarize, feminism is the belief that women are inherently of equal worth to men. Many feminist views believe women suffer from oppression and discrimination due to living in a male dominated society. When a society is run by a majority of males, the laws and customs are more likely to be created in order to benefit their gender. The first wave of feminism initially began in the 1800’s when women began demanding the right to vote. The peak of this first wave was between the years 1870-1928. In 1920, the nineteenth amendment to the constitution was passed, finally granting women the right to vote. Although this was a huge victory for women

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