Feminism : A Social Movement

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Feminism is a social movement that seeks out social, economical and political equality among the sexes. Feminism was first presented to society around the end of the 19th century. Since then Feminism has been an extremely important and valued movement. What has come out of Feminism tends to be positive, it is because of Feminism that women can own their own land, are seen as people and not their husband’s possessions, and women can now vote. The Feminist movement is very prominent in challenging inequality between men and women and challenging the unrealistic expectations and exploitations of women in the media. Feminists theorize that pornography is one of the sole features in the increased sexual violence against women. This theory as based on a group of assumptions. The first being that “sexism and male dominance are celebrated in pornography.” (Baron & Straus,468) This consequently enhances the view of women as “objects of sexual exploitation” (Baron &Straus, 468) and legitimizes acts of sexual violence towards women. The second assumption is that pornography is ultimately dehumanizing and degrading women and their bodies, by enhancing unrealistic ideals and standards that women are taught to abide by. Even though Feminists are fighting for equality in very specific and realistic ways at times modern Feminism may be doing more harm then they are doing good. Modern Feminism tends to be drastic. Feminists being drastic in their attempts in creating a utopia where everyone
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