Feminism : A Transnational Feminist Approach

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Aprosba Through a Transnational Feminist Approach Aprosba, or the Association of Prostitutes of Bahia, situates itself as a safe haven and progressive output for the sex worker communities in the state of Salvador. As Erica Williams describes in her book, Sex Tourism in Bahia, Aprosba is an organization that embraces the need for greater rights and protection for female sex workers. My plan for this essay is to clearly identify and interpret Williams’ “transnational feminist” approach while analyzing how she uses it to explore the perspectives of Aprosba members. In Chapter 5 of Williams’ book, she provides unique ethnographic narratives, which I plan to use to address the debate of “prostituta” vs. “garrote de programa.” By the end of this essay, I will formulate my own opinion on possible strategies to enhance the lives of Bahian women involved in sex work. My first step to identify the author’s approach was to reread the introduction of the chapter to find the foundation of the approach itself. She states that the chapter analyzes Aprosba’s “racial and class dynamics”, while following “Kamala Kempadoo’s call for more women of color to use a transnational feminist and postcolonial framework for studying sex work” (Williams, 98). Williams further explains her approach, breaking down the definition into two parts of equal importance. The first segment explores Black and Brown women’s sexuality, in terms of history and meaning, in the framework of “racism, colonialism,
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