Feminism According To Hooks

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Feminism according to Hooks, “movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” Hooks likes her stated definition of feminism, because “it doesn’t imply that men were the enemy. by naming sexism as the problem it went directly to the heart of the matter”. If you have sexist thinking you have a problem both women and men can be sexist. According to Hooks many people believe feminism to be; anti-men, women seeking to be equal to men, equal pay for equal work, white and privileged. These people often learn about feminism through mass media and do not believe feminism to be a sexist problem, but to understand feminism “it implies one has to necessarily understand sexism” (Hooks,37) a majority of people do not understand what sexism…show more content…
When he said NO! I could not believe it. I said, “do you realize it is 2015 and women work harder than most men.”He said back to me, “Alana, there are things in my job that you can not do and there are things in your job that I am not allowed to do legally. So, if we can not do equal work then why should we get equal pay? I said "your black do you feel that a black man should get paid what a white man gets paid?" He said, "yes"! I then said to him " well then my friend women and men should be paid equally because just like you feel white and black men are equal so are men and women". Our conversation went on and on for hours. I was so mad when he left my house. I could not believe that this man I have know for 5 years really felt this way. I felt like no matter what I said to try and convince him that women are equal and that men would not be living beings if it wasn’t for a women that we should get equal pay. I realized that he is not the only man that feels this way. He is the first man that I have talked to about this and has felt that way. My friend is not a bad man, I just feel his view on equal rights is just
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