Feminism : An Important Movement

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Feminism is such an important movement that needs to be taken more seriously than it currently is, but the issue isn’t just the people outside of the movement - it 's the people inside it as well. In fact, many of feminism’s issues form and spread from the inside, like parasites. I have witnessed plenty of instances where there are men being blatantly ignorant or grossly misogynistic, but I’d have to say I’ve witnessed and heard about more instances of “feminism gone wrong” than anything else. This might be because society is still at that place where it just wants to make a good movement seem evil; this problem is something most likely due to certain - not all - males somehow feeling emasculated by women getting the same benefits as them or just that they don 't deserve it because males are inherently better, but the issues they bring up are what make it possible to bad mouth feminism in the first place. This generally ranges from verbal abuse to even lying about rape, and almost always stems from a blindly rooted misandristic mind set; fake feminists are the ones that label all men as bad and inferior, going against feminism’s goal of equality for both genders. Every single member needs to be a positive representative of the movement for it to work, despite how ridiculous it may seem. Modern women are embracing new rights that they never had before and are pushing the limits like crazy, but there is a way to do it that shows power and seriousness that won’t turn into man
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