Feminism And Gender Discrimination On Women

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Introduction: Wo(Men) is a play geared to expose the gender discrimination placed on women in society today. Over time, feminism has lost its true meaning to the public, and through my production of Wo(Men), I strive to bring the message of fighting sexism through recognizing intersectionality, and through my production I allow the audience to realize there is imbalance in society after watching gender discriminating scenarios highlighted in the performance. Background on Issue: In the 1960s, feminism rose as a result of social upheaval in the west after WWII. During the war, women left their traditional domestic lifestyles and took up jobs left by men who fought in the war. However, when the soldiers came back, women were encouraged to return back to their original roles, much to their discontent. Along with other social movements in the decade, feminism took hold in that rebellious timeframe and was promoted by women of the middle and working class. Now, feminism has 5 different categories: Liberal, Radical, Marxist, Socialist, and Third World. Liberal feminists argue for women’s equality with men in the political, professional, and labor market. Radical feminists adhere to the “personal is political” idea. Marxist feminists focus on the pursuit of capitalism and how the woman’s role in the household keeps her at a disadvantage on gaining the same material wealth as other members of society. Social feminists argue that women are able to be released from their bondage…
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