Feminism And Its Effects On Society

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For the past few decades, “feminism” has been portrayed as women who hate men and think all men are evil. True “feminists” define it as achieving equal political, economical, and social rights for women. Though more and more people are starting to realize the true meaning, its the negative assumptions that are stuck in people’s mind. The media is to blame for misguiding people because of these false accusations. Feminist still faced problems in today’s society. Many people are made to believe that problems do not exist, and others just simply overlook them. It is not much of a gender issue, but it is a humanity issue. I believe that feminist are dealt with more problems that society is even aware of. Even though women has been treated more equally over the years, problems that feminist face are still relevant in today 's society because the contributions that women have made are being overlooked, women are not treated equal to men in the workplace, and the media has stereotyped the “typical women”. While some say women are usually smarter than men and are more qualified, people against feminism believe that women are great at retaining information without thinking too deeply about it. Anti-feminists believe that women do not challenge a theory’s assumption or deeply think about the logical standpoint behind certain assumptions. Throughout the history of philosophy, even back to Plato and Socrates, women do not appear. Even back to huge discoveries in science and economics,
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