Feminism And Its Impact On Women

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For decades, women have been striving to gain equality with men. Equality in terms of social, political and economic. They have been held back and their opportunities were taken away just because of the fact that they were females. This led to the evolution of Feminist Movement. I believe that women have every right to be equal with men and Feminism is slowly accomplishing this. But, under the shade of Feminism, few women take undue advantage of their sex. A radical approach to Feminism is what is termed as Feminazism. A Feminazi is basically a person who uses the cause of Feminism for ill-jobs based on gender disputes. A Feminazi is a sexist person who believes in female dominance. Feminazi is a derogatory term used to describe either feminists who are perceived as extreme or radical or women who are perceived to seek superiority over men, rather than equality.
These days our nation is witnessing a wave of Feminazism. On the name of Feminism, a battle of sexes has been waged. These Feminazis have created a mess in the society. An all new era is rising high. An era, when males have to live under the dark shadows of fear of being defamed or refuted by the society. A society where Females are always the victims and Males are always the culprit. A thick layer of rust has covered the brains of people so badly that our society is losing out on being practical and rational.
A lady post’s an image of a guy with the text “This guy molested me” Or “The following person passed abusive…
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