Feminism And Its Impact On Women 's Rights Movement

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Growing up, misconceptions of feminism lead me to reject the idea quickly. Identifying myself as a feminist made me uncomfortable since it evoked the image of a troop of an angry man-hating, unattractive women. When signing up for classes for senior year, I wanted to pick classes of interest to me, but sadly those classes were filled up, leaving me with no choice to enroll in a Gender Studies class. Unexpectedly, I never met with a mass of enraged women spewing hate towards males; rather it was calm and filled with intelligent conversations.Media often broadcasts radical feminists as the poster child for the movement, an image I had coming into class. This view began to deconstruct when I learned there is no right way of being a feminist. One can be calm and rational or angry and upset, which is a logical way to feel about the patriarchal society. Unfortunately, due to the women 's rights movement being skewed, misrepresentation of the media leads to feminism being misconstrued and unaccepted by young women. To combat the negative image, suggestions have been made to change the name of the movement, but this suggestion has come under fire for focusing on the word than the actual issue and has led to the discussion of reeducating the definition of feminism.

Interpretation of women 's rights and the movement has always been skewed, with the movement increasing and decreasing in prominence. In America, feminism started in the late 19th century, with the intention to stand…
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