Feminism And Its Impact On Women 's Rights

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they could be. Feminism in refer to a collection of movements and opinions that share a common goal including to define, create, and achieve equal rights for women in social, economic, cultural and political dimensions (Berger, 2013).
Feminist movements have fought for women’s rights including suffrage rights, right for fair wage, right to work, hold a public office, own property, education, equal rights in marriages among other rights (Ryan, 2013).
The journey to achieve these rights has not been without struggle as feminism has been met with great resistance from the male dominated society.
Besides fighting for women’s rights, feminists advocated for bodily autonomy and integrity and especially to protect girls and women in general from sexual harassment, rape, and domestic violence (Coppock & Haydon, 2014).
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Media has always been an important element in the propagation of ideas in the society. Feminism has been one of the issues that media has given enough attention over the years. However, the way the media represents feminism and feminists have not been positive especially in the 19th and 20th centuries (Johnson, 2014).

Feminism has been portrayed in the media in a different perspective. It has been portrayed as a fight against men. This has created a picture that the female gender was fighting against the male gender.

In fact, the way different media has represented feminism and feminists have portrayed women who support feminism as a scary element in…
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