Feminism And The Advocacy For Equal Rights

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Feminism, or the advocacy for equal rights for both women and men, is an important issue with a high relevancy to society today. Kate Chopin was the one of the first feminist American authors, and even if she did not have a direct role in the movement itself, she believed in the core principles of it and wrote feministically in her stories. Kate Chopin’s expressive and realistic style was heavily influenced by her exposure to feminine feelings and experiences throughout her lifetime. Chopin led an average life. From an early age, Chopin was surrounded by many strong, independent women. She grew up around them, and subsequently, her writing was highly influenced by this. As Chopin aged, she did so gracefully, and grew into a social women with adoration for literature and art; however, she was not any ordinary woman. Chopin drank and smoked heavily, much like a man at the time would. Despite this behavior, Chopin eventually married at 20 and had 6 children. However, she was widowed at thirty two, and she started to write in order to provide for her family (Clark). Intially, her work was looked down upon and considered immoral and innappropriate. It took over 50 years after her death until critics started to praise and value her work, and she was given the honor of being considered as an important feminist author (“Kate Chopin”). Chopin implicated many themes relating to the realities and veracity of being a woman into her stories, which gave a realistic insight onto both her

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